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About Me:

Hi there! My name’s Theo, and I have a lot of opinions on a lot of different things. Whether I’m ranking all of the musicals from my favorite musical theatre troupe, writing obnoxiously long reviews of a Harry Potter fanfiction that I find interesting, or rambling about the latest movie I saw, this is my one-stop-shop for all of my various takes. My main goal in doing this is to strengthen my voice as an analytical writer, and to write helpful, entertaining reviews for your enjoyment.

If you do enjoy, I encourage you to join my discord and chat about my reviews with me, as I’m always open to chatting about what I do. Also, you’ll have to forgive the pretentious blog name, as I had literally no idea what I was doing when I started this whole operation (not that I really do now). I hope you enjoy your stay in my Archives!