A Black Opportunity

By Black Phoenix I

Status: Work In Progress, Word Count: 25,200, Pairing: Harry Potter/Bellatrix Black, Genre: Adventure/Romance

Author’s Summary: Falling through the Veil should have been terrifying. It wasn’t. Seeing his mother and Sirius probably should have been expected. It wasn’t. Neither was the opportunity they presented.

My Thoughts: A Black Opportunity has an incredible amount of promise. Harry is characterized very, very well, the plot has an incredible amount of intrigue to it, and it’s just generally a fun read. By far my favorite character so far is Charlus Potter, although that’s probably going to change as more Bellatrix focused chapters release, as Bellatrix Black is one of my favorite Harry Potter characters. When I first started this story, I was a bit worried that it was just going to be a ripoff of The Black’s Resurgence’s excellent story Stepping Back, but it has since proven itself to be distinctly different from that fic, and I’m very glad about that, because I’d read this even if it was a ripoff of Stepping Back, because Harry/Bellatrix is one of my favorite pairings, dammit! So yeah, there it is. This story has a high chance of moving to top tier as it continues being written, but for now it’ll have to enjoy it’s spot here, and, in the mean time, I highly recommend checking it out, cause Black Phoenix did a great job with this one!

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