A Cadmean Victory Remastered

By Darkness Enthroned

Status: Work In Progress, Word Count: 79,600, Pairing: Harry Potter/Fleur Delacour, Genre: Adventure/Romance

Read the Fic Here: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/13720575/1/A-Cadmean-Victory-Remastered

Author’s Summary: Tonight, before midnight (long before midnight, I have to work tomorrow)… the first chapter will be posted. A Cadmean Victory will rise again, greater and better edited than it ever was before. I’ll post a free access chapter here, there, and everywhere, every four days until the story’s completed! There will be new stuff…

My Thoughts: A Cadmean Victory Remastered has, thus far, managed to take everything I liked about that original and improve on it, while removing some of the unnecessary EDGE from the fic. Harry’s descent into darkness is even more believable than before, Salazar is funnier, the dynamic between Harry and Fleur is a bit less angsty than it was last time, and the brief bursts of action have been excellent thus far. Although the fic is far from being completed, everything I’ve seen thus far leads me to believe that A Cadmean Victory Remastered will end up being one of the best fics I ever read.

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