A Chance Encounter

By spectre4hire

Status: Complete, Word Count: 226,100, Pairing: None, Genre: Drama/Friendship

Author’s Summary: What if Harry didn’t bump into the Weasleys at Kings Cross on his first day? What if he met another family? A family that knew his parents. This simple encounter will set him on a different path including new friends and new ambitions. Includes: Slytherin!Harry, Good!Dumbledore, Conflicted!Snape, & Supportive!Remus. Future HP/DG & HG/TN. Years 1-2.

My Thoughts: A Chance Encounter is a generally unoffensive Harry/Daphne friendship fic. It’s follows a fairly common template formula where Harry meets a different family at Kings Cross and goes into a different house instead of Gryffindor. It’s been done hundreds of times, and I think spectre4hire did a fairly adequate job telling this story with the Greengrass family. It’s a bit cliche at times, and it’s a bit boring at times, but I also have to give this story a ton of credit for not bashing anyone too badly. If you enjoy Slytherin!Harry stories or you enjoy stories that heavily feature Daphne Greengrass, then I’d totally give this one a go. If not, then you can probably skip it.

Thoughts on Sequel: The Slytherin Reformation

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