A Happy Memory

By ACI100

Status: Complete, Word Count: 11,000, Pairing: Harry Potter/Emily Riddle, Genre: Romance

Author’s Summary: Random AU: The holiday season has arrived, and fifteen-year-old Emily Riddle has never liked Christmas. One encounter with the famed Boy-Who-Lived later, and Emily’s outlook on this particular Christmas takes a rather sharp turn. Harry/Fem Riddle One-Shot, Fluffy Christmas Story

My Thoughts: A Happy Memory is an incredibly sweet one shot. It’s heartwarming to read, and it was a lovely surprise to wake one morning and discover that ACI100 had posted a random Christmas one shot. The romance is written very well, and both Emily and Harry have very strong characterization. I just think this story’s really cute, and I think you should absolutely go read it. However, I also think that, of the things ACI100 has written since he started taking himself seriously, this is probably the weakest one. Hence, its placement in the Great Tier, rather than the Top Tier like his other stories.

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