A Noble Lord’s Duty

By Leyrann

Status: Complete, Word Count: 111,600, Pairing: Harry/Multi, Genre: Humour/Romance

Author’s Summary: Harry Potter travels back in time to take up his many Lordships, get himself some future wives – as per tradition – and turn the wizarding world upside down. Cliché? Well… that’s the point. No bashing though.

My Thoughts: A Noble Lord’s Duty is a silly as hell, fun parody of indie!Harry harem stories. The way I’d describe this fic is this: a talented author takes an overdone, overrated trope and showcases how ridiculous the idea is by playing all of the tropes completely straight and taking them to the extreme. In doing so, he writes silly, ridiculous ways for Harry to acquire as many lordships as possible, and even sillier ways to build Harry’s harem as large as he possibly can. This formula works shockingly well, and creates some excellent comedy. Unfortunately, I still don’t like big harem fics, even when it’s clearly meant to be a cheeky, self-aware joke. So…idk, check it out if you like jokes, but temper your expectations.

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