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A Short Preamble:

RobSt is one of the most successful fanfiction writers in the Harry Potter fandom. He’s written sixteen complete stories, ranging from short stories to full on epics (with a seventeenth in progress), and his story Harry Crow is the second most popular Harry Potter story on fanfic.net, with over 28,000 favorites and climbing. He’s also, generally speaking, fucking despised by an enormous portion of the fandom. He pretty much writes exclusively Harmony, and he has a reputation for writing poorly conceived, often inappropriately young romance, bashing every bearded or red-haired character into the dirt, and making both Harry and Hermione — as well as any other protagonists he chooses to work with — the absolute definitions of special-est special-person protagonists. Or, to put it another way, some people really don’t like the work he writes in his spare time and posts to the internet for free.

Now, I completely understand the gripes people have with RobSt, particularly with the young kids getting romantically involved thing. However, at the same time, I feel like most people’s disdain for him is mostly based on Harry Crow and hearing about how shit he is from others, and not actual experience with the majority of his body of work.

This is where I come in. I have always found RobSt to be a very interesting figure within the community, largely for the reasons listed above, but I’ve never really interacted much with his work, besides Harry Crow and a few others when I was new to the fandom. So, I figured for the inaugural installment in the series of author deep dives I have planned out, I’d take a look at him and his works, and try to see what makes it all tick.

RobSt has sixteen Harry Potter fanfics which I will be talking about, and they are:

  • A Kiss Can Save The World
  • Knowledge is Power
  • More Important Things
  • Fate’s Gambit
  • Can’t Have It Both Ways
  • In This World and the Next
  • Souls Abound
  • A Different Halloween
  • No Hurry At All
  • Banking on Her
  • Harry Crow
  • Don’t Look Back in Anger
  • You’re My Density
  • Who Can Fill a Coward’s Grave?
  • Proud Parents
  • Playing by the Rules

FG2 — The Trio Hit Hogwarts is not listed here, as it is a direct sequel to Fate’s Gambit, so I will only start reading it when I finish that one.

I will go in with my usual mindset: a desire to enjoy the story I’m reading, and just see what happens. I’ll praise what I like, and criticize the stuff I don’t, and it’ll just be a grand old time. He’s written 17 fanfics, one of which is a sequel (so that one won’t count until I get through the first part, if I do at all), so the series will be 16 parts long. You can find links to all the completed parts below, and I will continue to update this page as I finish various sections. So yeah, without further ado, I hope you enjoy my deep dive into RobSt.

Part One: The Plunge

Part Two: Hypothermia

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