An Enchanted Evening

By Luq707

Status: Complete, Word Count: 1,900, Pairing: Harry Potter/Fleur Delacour, Genre: Romance

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Author’s Summary: Happiness can only truly be attained when it is shared. When you’re happy, and you make another person happy, not only do you boost that other person’s self-esteem, but you also feel happy making the other person happy. In a family, this is especially important, and a household in which all of its members are happy is truly happy. Written for the Emily Collection.

My Thoughts:
Characterization: The characterization in this fic is very bland, although there are some thing I like. I think Harry being a civil rights lawyer is actually quite interesting. It is believable in terms of his character, and it’s something I have not seen before, so that’s pretty neat. However, we never see any of it, we’re just told that he is one, and that’s my main issue with this story. It tells us a lot, but we never see any of it. The first half of the story is just Harry thinking to himself without any dialogue, and this is how both his and Fleur’s character are established. I just….I wish this was longer and actually featured Harry doing some civil rights work. It would be cool if it showed him and Fleur meeting. This would allow for her character to be better established without just telling us about her. Their dynamic works well enough, but it’s also nothing special. It was enough to get a slight smile out of my once or twice. I understand that the author does not have a passion for this pairing and is just doing it for Emily, and that’s very nice of him, but holy shit it is so obvious.

Romance: All of the issues I listed above? Yeah, apply them here as well. However, it’s also undeniably cute. There were several moments that I thought were sweet, and it came to a serviceable conclusion. I don’t have anything to talk about here, because there are, like, ten lines of dialogue and not much more substance. As a slice of life look at a few moments in their marriage, it works fine.

Plot: This fic does not have a plot, it just exists to get some cute romance moments on a page. However, it doesn’t really need to have a plot either. Don’t get me wrong, I wish it had a plot, but it doesn’t need one for the fic to function. It has house elves in it, which is a shame, but it doesn’t make me angry enough to dock points or anything like that. I wish more was done with the whole civil right lawyer thing, but I can’t be too picky, because it was still a really good idea.

Dialogue: This is actually a big issue for me. This fic has very little dialogue and it’s all rather bland. I was far more entertained by Luq’s other story, A Beautiful Morning, because it was funny, but I also wasn’t a fan of the lack of dialogue in that story either. It’s a shame, cause even though it’s a bit bland, the dialogue that is there makes the story better, so I really wish there was more of it. Have I made the point that this should have been longer yet? Cause it should have been.

Writing Mechanics: This fic is mechanically fine. It doesn’t have any impressive stylization or anything like that, but there aren’t very many spelling or grammar issues, and the ones that are there aren’t especially important.

Bonus Point: This is another fic written for the Flowerpot Emily Oneshot collection, and I think it’s an extremely kind thing to do. I may not have loved this fic (I put it in good tier), but I am completely confident that Emily will get a kick out of it. Congrats on doing an awesome thing, Luq, and enjoy this extra bit of praise.

Sam Gabriel Audiobook Bonus: As for all fics that get the Sam Gabriel audiobook treatment, this fic will gets a “read with the audiobook” placement, because Sam is a master at enhancing the fanfiction reading experience. While this does not factor into the final score, because not everyone listens to audiobooks, it sure as hell improved my reading experience, so this fic gets the customary extra boost. Will it actually effect the final tier placement? Well, you either already know or are about to find out. Great job as always, Sam!

Overall: There is nothing that I truly dislike about this fic. I just find it to be very bland and a bit underdeveloped. However, for a one time read, it was perfectly passable. I’m not even going to do a final thoughts section, because one of the consequences of a fic being bland is me not having many thoughts on it. So….idk, give it a shot if you like Flowerpot, otherwise you can probably just skip it. Luq, as a first proper fic, this wasn’t too shabby. I know you read my reviews, so don’t let this discourage you and best of luck with your next story!

Tier: Good Tier, Great Tier if you factor the audiobook into the verdict

Written on 05/20/2021

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