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Occasionally, when the fancy strikes me, I may want to examine a fanfic author’s entire body of work, whether this be because they are particularly infamous, or because they have a lot of stories and I want to get a feel for all of them, or just because I’m curious.

For when this urge strikes me, I have devised a method to efficiently get a feel for an author’s entire body of work, while writing a series of entertaining reviews along the way.

First, I will read the first chapter of every story the author has ever written, write my thoughts on each one down, and compile them all into one long, rapid-fire series of reviews. At the end of the article, I will pick my least favorite of the stories, and drop it.

Then, I will read the second chapters for all of the remaining fics, repeat the process, and once again drop my least favorite story. This cycle will continue until just one fic remains, at which point I will read the rest of it and write a full-length review of it to end the saga.

You should note that if the author has written a oneshot or short multi-chapter story, and I get to the end of it before all of the eliminations are complete, I must write a bonus full-length review of it, and that counts as the elimination for the round. That way I can’t cheat and hold off on eliminating a short fic to try and score multiple eliminations in one go. Below are a list of the authors I am thinking about doing this for, as well as the status of that project.

Finally, this is only for Harry Potter fanfiction, and it should be noted that I will not be covering crossovers. If an author has written work for other fandoms, I will not be taking it into account. If a fic has sequel(s) published as a separate story, those counts as one story, to avoid confusion on my end.

Authors for the Project:

Author’s Pen-Name: RobSt
Status: Work in Progress
Number of Stories to Cover: 16
Link to Author’s Profile:
The Deep Dive’s Hub:

Author’s Pen-Name: TheEndless7
Status: Confirmed, will happen after RobSt is complete.
Number of Stories to Cover: 11
Link to Author’s Profile:

Author’s Pen-Name: ACI100
Status: Will happened once he finishes one of his multi-chapter stories
Number of Stories to Cover: 6
Link to Author’s Profile:

Author’s Pen-Name: JustBored21
Status: It might happen, if I decide I hate myself
Number of Stories to Cover: 12
Link to Author’s Profile:

Author’s Pen-Name: TheBlack’sResurgence
Status: Once Lee has published a few more stories, probably
Number of Stories to Cover: 7
Link to Author’s Profile:

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