Book I: The Forsaken’s Ascension

By ACI100

Status: Complete, Word Count: 150,300, Pairing: N/A, Genre: Adventure/Mystery

Author’s Summary: Harry Potter grew up abused and alone and unlike his brother, he quickly had to learn to fend for himself. Abuse changes people on both a physical and psychological level, so when Harry Potter showed up at Hogwarts just a little bit different to how people may have expected, they really ought not to have been surprised. They should not have asked themselves what had happened, they should have asked themselves what would possibly happen next.

My Thoughts: The Forsaken’s Ascension serves as an excellent beginning to ACI100’s breathtaking Ashes of Chaos saga. Although it starts off a bit tropey and cliche, the first few chapters still have enough original ideas and characters to hold it up until the story really kicks into gear. Harry’s dynamic with Professor Amelia Hurst is easily the highlight of the book, but the dragon chapter is also incredibly fun. This book also introduces several excellent original character, most notably, the Weitts sisters. My favorite of the two in this book is Grace, as I think she serves as an excellent mentor figure to Harry, but I also like the few odd scenes featuring Charlotte that we get to see in this book. I also think that the confrontation in the mirror room at the end of the book is fairly well done. While it does feel a bit like a canon rehash at times, I think it brings enough interesting new ideas to the table to be an acceptable finale. I also really like the way this story is paced. Overall, I quite like The Forsaken’s Ascension, even if I think book two outclasses it in almost every way.

Thoughts on Book II:

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