Book II: The Sacrificial Slytherin

By ACI100

Status: Complete, Word Count: 398,000, Pairing: N/A, Genre: Adventure/Mystery

Author’s Summary: After a miserable ending to an otherwise magical first year at Hogwarts, Harry Potter wants nothing more than to escape the clutches of his muggle relatives once more and return to the world in which he belongs. His brother Charlus, the Boy-Who-Lived, wants nothing more than to redeem his own failures and prove to not just the wizarding world, but to himself as well that he is more than just some child celebrity. Unbeknownst to Harry and Charlus, the two of them will have to struggle with more than their own personal demons. There is a monster roaming the halls of Hogwarts, one controlled by an equally mysterious Heir of Slytherin, one who is seemingly hell-bent on destroying Hogwarts from the inside out. How will the Potter twins react to threats from this Heir of Slytherin, along with their own personal struggles, both internal and external? And what of the enigmatic Defence Against the Dark Arts Professor who seems to be far more than what meets the eye?

My Thoughts: The Sacrificial Slytherin is an incredible improvement over The Forsaken’s Ascension and it is an enormous testament to ACI100’s growth as an author over the last half a year or so. This fic is all about interconnected plot lines and masterful red hearings, and this combination creates an incredibly satisfying Year II experience. This story juggles at least five, probably more, sub-plots and manages to tie them all together in the end in a masterful way. Not only does the actual Heir of Slytherin twist make complete sense when looking back over the rest of the fic with the outcome in mind, but also ACI100 successfully a 40,000 word arc set during Grindelwald’s war into the finale that is not only an exhibition of some of ACI100’s best writing to date, but also somehow manages to not break the flow of the finale chapters. The Sacrificial Slytherin is a masterful example of fanfiction done well, and it has left my incredibly excited for Book III.

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