Book IV: Harry Black and the Resurrection Game

By The Sinister Man

Status: Ongoing, Word Count: 111,800, Pairing: Unknown, Genre: Adventure/Mystery

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Author’s Summary: As the newly renamed Harry Black enters his 4th Year at Hogwarts, he seems to have the world at his feet. By his Third Year’s ending, he has become wealthy, influential, and popular. And perhaps best of all, he has revenged himself on the parents who abandoned him as a baby. But beneath the surface, troubles lurk. Powerful supernatural forces continue to drive a wedge between Harry and his twin brother Jim (the Boy-Who-Lived) while prophecies swirl around both boys that threaten everything Harry and his friends have built. And beneath the veneer of a friendly academic competition between Hogwarts and rival schools, Lord Voldemort and his Inner Circle prepare for a final confrontation that will change everything.

My Thoughts: Harry Black and the Resurrection Game is being divided up into multiple parts because of how long it is, so similarly to how I review each Prince of Slytherin year separately, each part of year four will also get a separate review.

Part I: The Games of Summer
Part II: The Trials of Winter

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