Comedy & Parody Collection

This tier exists for stories that cannot fit into any of the other tiers. It’s basically for stories that are so blatantly and joyfully ridiculous and funny that I think comparing them to other fics is unfair. However, I also think each and every one of these stories deserves some recognition, hence this tier. This tier features things like: Independent Harry parody fics, Haphne Betrothal Contract parodies, and straight up bananas shit such as Hedwig winning the Tri-Wizard Tournament. All of these stories are generally shorter than the fics in the other tiers, and they will all likely put a smile on your face. They certainly put one on mine. I’ll divide this section into subtiers, so you can know my general opinion on them before reading my review.

Click on the title of the story to read my thoughts on it. Click on the name of the author to go to their profile page.

Top Tier:
Harry Potter: Master of Malicious Compliance by Watermellonsmilinfellon
A Dramatic Reading by White Squirrel
A Sensational Story (Sequel to A Dramatic Reading) by Srikanth1808

Great Tier:
The Worst Harmony Story Ever by 1saaa
The Worst Independent Harry Story Ever by 1saaa
Pranking the Tournament by Gardevoir687
Perfectly Arranged Betrothal by Leyrann
Hedwig and the Goblet of Fire by Meteoricshipyards
The Headmaster Returns for Halloween by mlocatis

Good Tier:
When Did the Ice Queen Get So Flirty? by Elsbeth Ravensblood
The Hogwarts Club by Haugh Wards
A Beautiful Morning by Luq707
What if Lucius Had a Better Plan? by Witowsmp

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