Datura Chapters I – VIII

By Katsitting

Word Count: 35,500, Pairing: Harry Potter/Tamsin Riddle (Fem!Tom Riddle)

Read the Fic Here: https://archiveofourown.org/works/13800042/chapters/31727376

My Thoughts: Wow. Just….wow. Datura is fucking fantastic. It’s a play on the typical “Harry time travels back to when Voldemort was in school” premise where Harry just…spectacularly fails at all of his goals. The first six chapters of this fic set up the dynamic between Harry and Riddle, and oh boy are they tense. The author manages to just build, and build, and build, and keep building every chapter until it just reaches this crescendo at the beginning of chapter seven, and then it breaks in one of the most spectacular ways I’ve ever seen in a fanfic. Now, fair warning, the last two chapters contain a fair amount of smut, and normally, I find smut in fanfics to be just…not that good. However, this is a very firm exception to that rule, as not only is everything very well written, but it also feels like it has a purpose in the story. The author wrote a story in which smut is the only reasonable way for the story to climax…pun very much intended…and I feel like this just makes the payoff all the more satisfying. Now….and I fucking say this all the time, but I wish the story was a bit shorter. Maybe shave one of the shorter chapters off, and just make the story a bit tighter, and make the flow a bit smoother, and you got yourself a top tier fic. However, right now I’m thinking more high Great Tier. This fic is great. It’s really, really great. Oh shit I forgot to mention the ending. The ending is fucking horrifying. In fact, this fic in general is fucking horrifying, and I love it. This is not a happy story, and if it was, it would fucking suck. It works because the depravity of the last two chapters matches the tone and vibe of the rest of the fic, and the ending is suitably horrifying and depraved. Go fucking read this fic. It’s rather short, and won’t take a long time to do so.

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