Dead Things

By EclipseWing

Status: Complete, Word Count: 12,800, Pairing: None

Author’s Summary: Death isn’t good for the soul and dead things can’t die twice. Harry dies too many times to be fine. After the war he goes traveling; he and Tom Riddle always were too much alike for their own good.

My Thoughts: Dead Things is an absolutely heartbreaking one shot that I really, really enjoyed. It’s incredibly emotional throughout, and features a bunch of incredibly striking imagery. The strongest scene is the ending, which pulls at my heartstrings in the best way possible, but the whole thing is incredibly strong. Now, I will likely never reread this fic, as it made me very sad, and I’m not too big a fan of being sad. I also think it’s probably about a thousand words too long, and a few scenes are a bit repetitive and could have been cut. However, regardless, this is a very good story that I recommend checking out.

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