Deadly Belladonna Chapter VI

By AppoApples

Word Count: 3,800, Pairing: Harris Black/Bellatrix Lestrange

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My Thoughts: Another fantastic chapter! This one was essentially only two scenes. The first one was the Order-centric scene, and the second was the scene between Harris and Bellatrix. So let’s start with that first scene, which was great! It was insanely tense, and Apples managed to get a lot of character work done in a relatively short number of words. I was a big fan of the way Sirius interacted with everyone around him, I thought Kingsley and Moody’s fury towards Harris was portrayed really well, and I thought the discussion about what would have happened to Voldemort if the Black Sisters hadn’t been separated and, in Bellatrix’s case, broken landed really well. I also really liked Dumbledore’s characterization here. He wasn’t the most present character, but all of his lines landed really well. I also thought Andromeda’s short scene worked really well. It was tense, her nonverbal reaction to Bellatrix’s pardon was quite impactful, and it was just an all around good moment. Finally, there’s the ending scene with Harry and Bellatrix, and I think it’s absolutely fantastic. It’s written from Bellatrix’s point of view, and it does a great job portraying the various emotions she feels. Her tranquility and unease are both masterfully written, and her frenzied anger near the end is also great. I’m an enormous fan of how little dialogue there is in this scene, because it gives Apples an opportunity to really dive into Bellatrix’s psyche and examine her internal thought process, and it’s just fantastic. This all builds into a moment near the end that’s equal parts heart-breaking and oddly adorable, that does a great job closing out this chapter. I’d also just like to take a moment to commend Apples on the writing mechanics in this chapter, cause they’re great. There are still a few spelling and grammar errors here and there, but they are much fewer and farther between in this chapter, so that’s just great. Overall, I absolutely loved this chapter, and I’m now incredibly excited to see where this fic will go in the future.

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