Dedicated Author, Voice Actor, & Story Servers

ACI100: –
ACI100 is the author of Harry Potter and the Ashes of Chaos, Ace Iverson and the Fabric of Fate, Harry Potter and the Conjoining of Paragons, and Harry Potter and the Perversion of Purity. You can access early chapters for all of these stories on his server.

Ashabel –
Author of several stories, all of which are currently being reworked. You can join to get early access to chapters, among other things.

Asmodeus Stahl –
Asmodeus Stahl is the author of two Percy Jackson stories: Lord and Lady Lupus and Greco-Egyptian Convergence, as well as a Harry Potter one shot called Is Draco Malfoy a Werewolf? He has also recently started on a Dark!Katie Bell story called Drowning in Darkness, as well as another Percy Jackson story called A Job Well Done

Black Luminary –
A server to celebrate the story Black Luminary.

Black Phoenix I: –
Black Phoenix I is the author of two Harry Potter and Marvel crossover fics called Forged Through Resilience and From Where Brilliant Dreams are Born respectively. He is also the author of a time travel Harry Potter story called A Black Opportunity. You can access early access to his chapters on his server.

The Black’s Resurgence: –
The Black’s Resurgence is the author of Honour Thy Blood, Stepping Back, The Green in the Grey, and A Flower for the Soul.

Darkened Void –
Darkened Void is the author of The Shadow of Death and a oneshot called Une Seule Danse. You can access live readings of The Shadow of Death by Sam Gabriel on his server.

Darkness Enthroned: –
Darkness Enthroned is the author of A Cadmean Victory, as well as a plethora of original works. You can access early chapters of his official remaster of A Cadmean Victory as well as news regarding his original stories on his server, as well as live readings of A Cadmean Victory Remastered by voice actors Sam Gabriel.

Fezzik37 –
Author of several oneshots for both Harry Potter and Naruto, as well as a longer Naruto story called senbon, seals, & sakura blossoms.

Frickles –
Author of A Simple Act of Vengeance, Ring Ring!, It was Written in the Stars, Harry Potter and the Mystery of the Lost Continent, A Graceless Tandem, Wrath and Remorse, Taming Destiny, Subtle Acts of Sororicide, A Malignant Ruse, and Pity Those Without Love. Access early chapters.

Harry Get Some Sleep –
A server that celebrates the Rigel Black Chronicles series.

Inverarity –
Inverarity is the author of the Alexandra Quick series, and a post-war story called Hogwarts: Houses Divided. Although the audiobook is currently caught up, once the next Alexandra Quick book begins being released, you will be able to access live recordings of the chapters by Sam Gabriel on the server.

Kit Willow –
Kit Willow is the author of The Mind Mage and Selcouth

LeadVonE: –
LeadVonE is the author of Dodging Prison and Stealing Witches: Revenge is Best Served Raw and Warning: Past Soul Bind Performance Not Indicative of Future Prophets. He also has an original story called Trial by Conquest. You can find early fanfiction chapters, as well as Trial by Conquest news on his server.

Leyrann –
Leyrann is the author of a fair number of Harry Potter stories: Riddle of the Ages, The Advantages of Being Sane, and A Noble Lord’s Duty, two spinoff oneshots based on Dodging Prison and Stealing Witches by LeadVonE, and a short Haphne parody oneshot called A Perfectly Arranged Betrothal.


My Immortal (Meme Server) –

Oceanbreeze7 –
Author of Antithesis and also literally a hundred other fics from various fandoms.

The Prophesised –
Author of several Percy Jackson stories, as well as Fight for the Baby (no, literally). You can get early chapters if you join.

SalTal Studios –
Saliient91 is the author of Harry Potter and the International Triwizard Tournament. Taliesin19 is the author of Grow Young With Me and A Memoir. Together they have written Healer Harry, a Fanfic, Edelweiss, and The Law of Double Consonants. You can access news and updates about their stories, as well as a ton of shitposting and memes, on their server.

Sam Gabriel: –
Sam Gabriel is a voice actor responsible for several fanfiction audiobooks. He has completed the Alexandra Quick series and is currently working on audiobooks for Harry Potter and the Prince of Slytherin, A Cadmean Victory, and The Shadow of Death, among others. You can receive updates about his various projects on his server, as well as the occasional anime recording session.

Sectumus Prince –
Sectumus Prince is the author of Harry Potter fanfics Crashing Into Darkness, The Black Lord, and I Will Not Bow, a crossover between Harry Potter and Percy Jackson called Knowledge is Power, and a Percy Jackson fanfic called Iridescent. You can access early chapters for their stories on their discord.

The Sinister Man:
The Sinister Man is the author of Harry Potter and the Prince of Slytherin as well as two other one shots: Welcome to Hufflepuff! and The Lone Traveler: Nemesis. As well as writing fanfiction, he has also published his first original novel: Strangers in Boston. Early chapters of Prince of Slytherin as well as news regarding his next novel, Strangers in Dallas, can be found on his discord, as well as live reading of his stories by voice actor Sam Gabriel.

TalJax Incorporated Ltd.
Taliesin19 is the author of Grow Young with Me and A Memoir. Ajax is Empires Felled, A Dream of Spring, Stork, Come Fly With Me, Struggle and Strive, and A Different Kind of War. You can access early chapters for Ajax’s works, as well as the standard shitposting and memes you’d expect from a spinoff SalTalStudios server.

TendraelUmbra –
Tendra is the author of three Harry Potter stories: Harry Potter and the Scrambled Sorting, Departure from the Diary, and Unseen Perspective.

Time is a Riddle, and You’re Invited –
Server for the fanfic Harry Potter and the Riddle of Time

Ubiquitously Verbose –
Ubiquitously Verbose is the author of Serpentince Advice, The Fellowship of the Potters, Lunar Calendar, and a Percy Jackson fic called The Greek. You can access early access chapters on his server, as well as the occasional blog post.

Zero Rewind –

1Valor1 –
Author of a fuck ton of romance oneshots, and the longer stories The Saviour’s Pariah, The Power of Love, and The Guarder Snake. Get access to frequent writing updates, and early chapters.

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