By The Crimson Lord

Status: Abandoned, Word Count: 159,300, Pairing: Harry Potter/Fleur Delacour, Genre: Adventure/Romance

Author’s Summary: On that fateful day, two Potters were born. One was destined to be the Boy-Who-Lived. The other was forgotten by the Wizarding World. Now, as the Triwizard Tournament nears, a strange boy is contracted to defend a beautiful girl.

My Thoughts: Deprived is interesting. It features some very unique concepts, and has some great characterization, but I also felt like the story had never quite kicked into gear before it was abandoned. What we’re left with are nineteen stunningly fantastic chapters with excellent romance, dynamic & intriguing characters, and some of the most brutally satisfying action sequences that I’ve read in a fanfic. Unfortunately, these chapters leave you feeling desperately unsatisfied. I really like what these chapters do, but because they just left me feeling sad that there weren’t going to be more, I’d hesitate to recommend this fic.

Deprived was abandoned nine years ago. Although the author continued writing until late 2019, it would take a miracle at this point for the story to be continued.

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