Don’ Like Peas!

By Inverarity

Status: Complete, Word Count: 677, Pairing: None

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Author’s Summary: This is a little vignette that formed in my mind, very clearly, as a scene from Alexandra’s past. It’s too long to be a drabble, too short to be a short story. It’s a significant little incident (and astute readers will recognize where Alexandra flashes back to it), but not that significant. I’m not sure I’ll ever find a place to stick it in the books, and if I do, it will probably be greatly shortened. But, it stuck in my head, enough for me to write it out, and even create an accompanying image. So, here it is.

My Thoughts: First of all, Inverarity’s right, this thing is very short, and doing one of my proper longform reviews would be rather pointless here. So I’ll just say that I like it quite a bit. It’s a cute, charming little look into Alexandra’s past that makes for a very pleasant read (or listen, if you experience it through Sam Gabriel’s excellent audiobook). This little vignette chronicles Alexandra’s first outburst of accidental magic, and Claudia’s reaction to it. This doesn’t really add much to the Alexandra Quick story, and it honestly barely does anything to add to either Claudia’s nor Alexandra’s characters, but hey, it doesn’t really have to. It’s a perfectly pleasant and entertaining little scene, and I recommend giving it a read if you enjoy the Alexandra Quick series.

Written on 07/08/2021

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