By Sectumus Prince

Status: Complete, Word Count: 2,600, Pairing: Harry Potter/REDACTED, Genre: Romance/Friendship

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Author’s Summary: “With her to shine like an ethereal light, guiding him through his darkest moments, he felt that nothing could truly be wrong.”

My Thoughts:
Characterization: This is a fairly quick oneshot, so I’ll try to be somewhat brief. Harry is really great here. I’m a really big fan of how happy he clearly is, and it’s shown to us through his actions and his dialogue from beginning to end. He has a very light hearted, fun banter going on with his partner from beginning to end that made for a very fun read. Also, I have to say that waiting until the very end to just outright state that Harry’s happy is a really nice call, because it allows us to experience his happiness first before ever mentioning it outright. Harry’s partner is also written very well, and before anyone asks, I do know who she is. Her name is never stated outright, but Sectumus leaves some nods to other fics with this pairing as well as contextual clues sprinkled throughout the fic and it you think about it for long enough, you will figure it out. This is very fun and made rereads very rewarding. I will not be telling you who she is, because that’d be cheating and I’m a dick. Anyway, she’s also really well written. Her character definitely has a lot more flare than Harry’s does, and her dynamic with him is absolutely delightful. This is also the rare instance where a character is described as witty and then their dialogue and attitude actually backs up that description, so that’s pretty cool. Overall, I really like these characters, and they’re what makes the rest of the fic work.

Romance: This fic’s romance is really well done. What I really liked here was how obvious it was that they loved each other, right from the beginning. Every interaction, every sentence spoken, was just dripping with affection and this impressed me quite a bit. This, in my opinion, is short-form fluff done right. It’s fluffy from beginning to end, it moves quickly, it doesn’t mince words while also having some style and personality, and it’s just an all around good time. The scene in the park was adorable, the dance at the end was heartwarming, and their banter was fucking phenomenal. Like, holy shit was it great! More on that in a minute. Either way, great job Sect, you have proven that you are capable of harnessing the power of the fluff, well done, no notes.

Dialogue: This fic’s wit is just off the charts. The banter is just so much fun! The bit about koalas was especially charming, but I adored all of it. There was also some fantastic heartwarming stuff sprinkled throughout as well. This fic combined my two favorite kinds of dialogue—heartwarming sweet shit and hilarious banter—in the absolute best way possible. Easily deserving of the highest of praise.

Plot: This fic has a plot that is entirely serviceable. It is a conduit for the characters to be adorable and funny together, and it works very well. However, there’s nothing especially memorable about the actual plot. The memorable bits are the characters, so I can’t really factor the plot too heavily into this fic’s final placement.

Writing Mechanics: This is a mechanically sound fic. It’s dripping in Sectumus’ writing style, it’s grammar and spelling all check out, and all the sentences flow very well. I don’t really have much to say here except for good job, Sect.

Overall: Ethereal is great! It’s a really fun time, and rereading it was very rewarding. It’s short-form fluff at its absolute finest, and if you are into that kind of thing, you’ll have a really nice time. I also really like how it plays the pronoun game—a fact that I never thought I’d say—because it leads to looking around the fic for nods to the pairing. I had a great time with it, and I bet you will as well. This is a short fic, so I’m not putting a separate final thoughts section. Yeah, Ethereal’s great. What else is there to say?

Tier: Crusade-Worthy

Written on 05/20/2021

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