Forged Through Resilience Chapter VII

By Black Phoenix I and Venerance

Word Count: 5,300, Pairing: None atm

Read the chapter here:

My Thoughts: What a great chapter! I really enjoy the way Phoenix writes action sequences. All the shit with Loki was really well done and was an absolute joy to read. It was tense, exciting, and had a couple moments that made me think to myself “oh FUCK YEAH!” Everything you could possibly want from a scene of Loki and Harry fighting. Other than that, I was a really big fan of Harry and Natasha’s back and forth banter. It’s really fun, and really feels like it could be taken out of an MCU movie if it had Harry Potter in it. It’s absolutely great. I wasn’t too big a fan of the very beginning though. There was nothing wrong with it exactly, it just didn’t pop out at me like the rest of the chapter did. Also, the stuff with Bruce at the end was really fun, and I sincerely hope we’ll get to see how the Hulk holds up against magic at some point. I don’t really give scores for these, but this chapter firmly maintains this fic’s status as a fic that sits at the very top of the Great Tier.

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