Forged Through Resilience

By Black Phoenix I and Venerance

Status: Work In Progress, Word Count: 34,200, Pairing: Unknown, Genre: Adventure

Author’s Summary: People have always said Fate is a whimsical mistress, but is it truly Fate? Such a question Harry would ponder as he journeys from his reality to another. Something is pulling the strings and Harry hates being another piece on a chessboard. No matter who’s playing the game.

My Thoughts: Forged Through Resilience was an absolute delight to read! There are stories like A Black Opportunity and Harry Black that I thoroughly enjoy, but end up in the Great Tier because they don’t really do something new, and then there’s fics like this one. I absolutely adore this fic, and the concept behind it, and I also think the writing is excellent. In fact, I can say that this story will almost certainly end up in the Top Tier when everything is said and done. Unfortunately, this story is paced rather slowly, and I feel like it hasn’t really kicked into high gear yet, so I can’t justify doing that now. This story was such a pleasant surprise for me, as the I absolutely love the MCU, but there’s not very much good fanfiction for it out there, and this fic is a shining exception to that rule. Nick Fury is written really well, Harry is just a fun character to spend time around, and it’s clear that a tremendous amount of thought has thus far gone into it. I also know that this story is still being worked on, even though it hasn’t updated for six months, so don’t worry about it being abandoned, or anything like that. Anyway, I implore you to give this one a shot, because it’s a truly excellent crossover.

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