From Where Brilliant Dreams are Born Chapter I

By Black Phoenix I

Word Count: 5,600, Pairing: None

Read the Fic Here:

My Thoughts: This is a very solid opening chapter, and it does everything that I think a strong opening fanfic chapter should. It quickly establishes canon divergences, it opens with some striking imagery, and it establishes some important characters. In particular, I thought the Basilisk fight scene, which took up a fairly large bit of the chapter, was absolutely exceptionally written. It mixes exciting action with honestly horrifying gore in an absolutely stunning way. There’s a particularly lurid moment that really hit me, and I’m absolutely thrilled to see this side of Phoenix’s writing. Besides that, I think all Marvel stuff works pretty well, but that is contingent on it going where I hope it goes. Besides that, I don’t really have much more to say. Great action, impactful gore, a few nice emotional beats here and there, and some fun set up for future chapters. There’s only been one chapter so far, but I’ll hesitantly put this in mid Great tier.

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