Harry Potter and the Dark Lord’s Equal

By ACI100

Status: Abandoned, Word Count: 317,100, Pairing: Unknown, Genre: Adventure/Fantasy

Author’s Summary: Ever since his defeat of Grindelwald in 1945 and even before, Albus Dumbledore has been the Lord of the Light, and the leader of the opposition against any who oppose the peace. As natural selection goes however, Dumbledore’s time on top is running out, as a new beacon of hope approaches, one who is equally as good as Dumbledore, and possibly even greater. Good Dumbledore, All Years

My Thoughts: Harry Potter and the Dark Lord’s Equal was my first proper ACI100 fic. Although I’d previously read The Reluctant Champion, Dark Lord’s Equal was the start of the new era of ACI100. The era of expansion, rapid improvement, and aggressively fast story updates. It is because of this story that I found Ashes of Chaos and joined the ACI100 Discord, and as a result, this entire website can be traced back to this story. While I loved it dearly, and am still heartbroken that it was abandoned, the story that replaced it, The Perversion of Purity was infinitely better in almost every way that counts. Still, I’ll miss Dark Lord’s Equal, and I hope that this page shall always stand as a memorial to the fanfiction that set me on this path.

Harry Potter and the Dark Lord’s Equal was officially abandoned in February of 2021. It is no longer up on fanfiction.net, and, similarly to The Reluctant Champions, for both legal reasons and respect for ACI100’s wishes, I most definitely do not have any PDF versions of this story saved, so don’t even bother asking me about it.

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