Harry Potter and the Unforgivable Tournament

By questionablequotation

Status: Complete, Word Count: 10,600, Pairing: A bit of Harry/Luna

Author’s Summary: ONE-SHOT: Harry asks an obvious question during his first class with Professor Moody…and everything changes.

My Thoughts: Harry Potter and the Unforgivable is a oneshot with a mildly interesting idea that pleasantly killed about 45 minutes of my time and made me smile once or twice. It was much less edgy than I expected from the title and description, and that made ma happy. I actually think it does raise an interesting question: is the use of an unforgivable curse on an animal illegal? And it answers that question in a rather interesting way. It’s also Harry/Luna, and even though it doesn’t spend much time on that, I have a soft spot for that pairing and it always makes me happy. However, it also does some weird, seer Luna shit, and I’m not a fan of that. Give it a shot. It’s short, it’s cute, and it might even make you smile once or twice.

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