Harry Potter and the Veil of Death

By Artist 111

Status: Complete, Word Count: 115,700, Pairing: Harry Potter/Ginny Weasley, Genre: Friendship/Adventure

Author’s Summary: What if instead of dying, the Killing Curse sends Harry two years into the past into the Department of Mysteries? Will Harry be able to save those who died for him and destroy all the Horcruxes without Voldemort knowing or will he end up dead himself?

My Thoughts: Harry Potter and the Veil of Death is a cool concept, with a heartfelt ending, and some fun action. Don’t let the K+ rating fool you, this one’s a bit of a tear jerker at times, and although it didn’t get me, it’s probably gotten a lot of people. I suppose the best things about this fic are the emotions and the concept. Unfortunately, a lot of the execution is kinda whack. While I think the writing is fairly good, I’m not too big a fan of a lot of the characterization. Harry’s is very strong, but sometimes I have a hard time distinguishing who’s talking to who without dialogue labels telling me, which is a big issue for me. The romance is also very mediocre, but that’s honestly fine cause it’s the story that really drives this fic. I’d recommend giving this one a go, as I think it’s a perfectly pleasant way to kill an afternoon on a rainy day, but it most likely won’t blow your mind.

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