Harry Potter Fanfiction Discord Directory

Reading Harry Potter Fanfiction is great, but one thing that I find elevates the experience is joining fanfiction Discord servers created either for a specific author or a specific pairing. With that in mind, I hope you find this section of the archive to be useful, and I hope you join some of these servers and have interesting discussions with other fans of fanfiction!

##hpfanfiction – https://discord.gg/hpfanfiction
The Official r/HPFanfic Discord Server

ACI100: – https://discord.gg/X6FtTs3
Author: ACI100

Alexandra Quick – https://discord.gg/UWmDbahCA5
Story: Alexandra Quick

Ashabel – https://discord.gg/Xak7AF7gz5
Author: Ashabel

Asmodeus Stahl – https://discord.gg/ApkkpFutBd
Author: Asmodeus Stahl

Bellamione Coven – https://discord.gg/rAKhWJQ
Pairing: Bellatrix Lestrange/Hermione Granger

Bellamione Cult – https://discord.gg/pcfMU4F
Pairing: Bellatrix Lestrange/Hermione Granger

Black Luminary – https://discord.gg/9zX6akcmG7
Story: Black Luminary

TheBlack’sResurgence: – https://discord.gg/4GKy3mVgdS
Author: TheBlack’sResurgence

Digitalia’s Digital Wonderland – https://discord.com/SVrMbMS
Author: Oceanbreeze7

Drarry Fans | Writers + Artists (18+) – https://discord.gg/zx6hfpaM8f
Pairing: Harry Potter/Draco Malfoy

fem!harry and lesbians – https://discord.gg/qfdAZ75x4X
Pairing: Femslash

Fezzik’s Disaster Zone – https://discord.gg/WtwTmxfH2P
Author: Fezzik37

gay wizard boys – https://discord.gg/9uG66cHeMS
Pairing: Harry Potter/Draco Malfoy

The Greater Good – http://discord.gg/74PrK2k
Pairing: Albus Dumbledore/Gellert Grindelwald

Harry/Daphne – https://discord.gg/pKSdvJQvhU
Pairing: Harry Potter/Daphne Greengrass

Harry / Fleur Discord  https://discord.gg/9xwSBmbDuD
Pairing: Harry Potter/Fleur Delacour

Harry & Ginny – https://discord.gg/x2uhMYUHH5
Pairing: Harry Potter/Ginny Weasley

H/Hr – H.M.S. Harmony – https://discord.gg/kr5hCubHM4
Pairing: Harry Potter/Hermione Granger

Harry/Luna  https://discord.gg/CtUD2NvyhQ
Pairing: Harry Potter/Luna Lovegood

Harry Get Some Sleep – https://discord.gg/bx6VMWf
Story: The Rigel Black Chronicles

Harry Potter Fanfiction Club (18+) – https://discord.gg/ZKhur8XkCY
General Harry Potter Fanfiction

Honks – https://discord.gg/epDQQZBQh2
Pairing: Harry Potter/Nymphadora Tonks

House of Nott – https://discord.gg/vGdBXDWNyS
Pairing: Theodore Nott/Anyone

HP Rare Pairs – https://discord.gg/CCfMzpG7Js
Pairing: Rare Pairs

HP Romione – https://discord.com/aEbt4qa
Pairing: Ron Weasley/Hermione Granger

HP WLW Chat – https://discord.gg/DnZeNAhmRt
Pairing: Femslash

Incognito – https://discord.gg/bxEUAKVeSb
Author: CogAndStar

Internet Fanfic Grotto – https://discord.gg/KzyMMXzFjM
Author: Firefawn

LeadVonE: – https://discord.gg/k2fCMcG
Author: LeadVonE

Leyrann’s Fiction – https://discord.gg/WzYpyPT
Author: Leyrann

The Madness of Ravens – https://discord.gg/URYa3ACUP9
Author: AutumnSouls

My Immortal Limpid Tears – https://discord.gg/jGhqxwVnHM
Story: My Immortal

Panic at the Discord – https://discord.gg/r3ujM4t8JA
Author: Matt Bradley (aka DarknessEnthroned)

r/WhiteSquirrel – https://discord.gg/HgT5BRYYpw
Author: White Squirrel

Rare HP Pairs – https://discord.gg/2EDfGMW8st
Pairing: Rare Pairs

Read by Sam Gabriel – https://discord.gg/CEQw3Er24H
Voice Actor: Sam Gabriel

SalTalStudios – https://discord.gg/KCkSTUn
Authors: Saliient91 and Taliesin19

Saltworks – https://discord.gg/NHNZG4HNUQ
Author: Callmesalticidae

Seeking a Chaser – https://discord.gg/FjKfRQEzTV
Pairing: Harry Potter/Katie Bell

TheSinisterMan – https://discord.gg/9gSaEyQ
Author: TheSinisterMan

Smoking Prophecies – https://discord.gg/yyNRdsB
Authors: The Prophesied and Maroon Smoke

TalJax Incorporated Ltd – https://discord.gg/z2SGNvHSeP
Author: Ajjaxx

Tendra’s Domain – https://discord.gg/6YwQewK
Author: TendraelUmbra

The Thestral Empire – https://discord.gg/ZaPCTAtkZ4
Authors: Sectumus Prince, BlackPhoenixI, and Ubiquitouslyverbose

Time is a Riddle and You’re Invited – https://discord.gg/Bt3FNxVhNT
Author: Ihb77

Valor’s Book Club – https://discord.gg/j6DcAFYyxr
Author: 1Valor1

Void’s Shadows – https://discord.gg/66Pccgppxm
Author: Darkened Void

Willow’s Hollow – https://discord.gg/n85G87RprM
Author: Kit Willow

WOLFSTAR – https://discord.gg/MZtxMfRBT6
Pairing: Remus Lupin/Sirius Black

Zero’s Den – https://discord.gg/Pq5J8dX
Author: Zero Rewind

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