Harry’s Secret Friend

By James Spookie

Status: Complete, Word Count: 137,000, Pairing: Harry Potter/Daphne Greengrass, Genre: Romance/Friendship

Author’s Summary: Not everyone hates Harry. Some are just too afraid of what other people think. This was my very first story.

My Thoughts: Harry’s Secret Friend is like a slightly worse version of The Lion’s Pride. It has a fun little opening sequence of Harry and Daphne exchanging letters, and Harry trying to figure out who’s writing to him, and that’s probably one of my favorite parts. However, this would be way more interesting to read about if the pairing wasn’t listed in the story’s blurb. On the other hand, I understand the need to list pairings in order to get more people to read the stories, so I can’t be too annoyed about it. However, this story more than any other James Spookie’s written falls victim to bashing, tropes, and cliches. I particularly feel like Ron and Malfoy get practically no development or intrigue at all. There’s also, once again, love potions & hate potions, and nothing annoys me more than forced drama through the use of love potions. I’d say this one’s worth the read because it’s fairly short and has some fun character interactions, but this fic is truly the fanfiction equivalent of a shlocky, fun action movie such as Hobbs & Shaw or the most recent Men in Black. It’s definitely fun, but it’s also rather forgettable.

Thoughts on Sequel:

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