Honour Thy Blood

By The Black’s Resurgence

Status: Complete, Word Count: 307,900, Pairing: Harry Potter/Daphne Greengrass, Genre: Drama/Romance

Author’s Summary: Beginning in the graveyard, Harry fails to reach the cup to escape but is saved by an unexpected person thought long dead. Harry learns what it is to be a Potter and starts his journey to finish Voldemort once and for all. NO SLASH. Rated M for language, gore etch. A story of realism and Harry coming into his own.

My Thoughts: Honour Thy Blood is a great idea with mediocre execution. If you want to read the better version, check out the remastered version, which is also present in the archive. To see my thoughts on that one, click here. The things that I like about this story are the action and the style. The things that don’t work as well are the grammar, the romance, and the characterization of several important characters, such as Daphne and Dumbledore. I think that Arcturus steals the show in essentially every scene he’s in, and Voldemort serves as a very intimidating villain. I also like the flash-back scenes about Charlus and Dorea. Feel free to give this story a try, but I strongly recommend just reading the remaster instead.

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