Lunar Calendar Chapter VI

By UbiquitouslyVerbose

Word Count: 6,300, Pairing: Harry Potter/Luna Lovegood

Read the Fic Here:

My Thoughts: So sometimes I’m all critical and mean in my reviews and reactions, and this isn’t going to be that. Welcome to a paragraph or two of pure, unbridled praise for what is now decidedly my favorite fic. So where to start? How about with the characterization. This chapter takes the previous chapters’ roles and flips them on their head. Harry is now the comforter, and Luna is now the struggling friend in need of comfort, and it’s so fucking good! Reading a vulnerable Luna this well written is simultaneous one of the best and most painful things I’ve read in a fanfic. The method Harry chooses to comfort you is equal parts adorable and hilarious, and their little hug is just heart-melting. Alright, time to visibly restrain myself from further rambling about Luna. Speaking of things that are great, the comedy in this chapter is also fucking amazing! My personal favorite bit is the scene with Monty Python and the Holy Grail, but the stuff with electricity is also absolutely hilarious. The dialogue is also still very good. It flows really well, it manages to convey heaps and heaps of emotion, and it’s also just generally entertaining. This if a fic that’s almost entirely dialogue driven, and Ubiq’s talent at writing compelling dialogue is definitely a lot of what makes it work so well. This chapter is, overall, beyond fantastic. Combined with the other five, I now finally have a 10/10 fic listed on the archive, which is an absolute honour (for me, not for the fic). Now, and I feel like I really need to emphasize this, but a 10/10 fic does not mean a perfect piece of writing, or any such nonsense. Perfection is not a thing, and will never be achieved. Rather, a 10/10 is a score I reserve for stories that really touch me on a deeper, more personal level. In a way, it’s a lot more of a personal score than any other score I could possibly hand out, and it’s not something that’s going to happen often. Lunar Calendar is a fic that I truly connect to, and I absolutely love it to pieces. This chapter is no different, and I beg you to give it a read.

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