Lunar Calendar Chapter VIII

By Ubiquitouslyverbose

Word Count: 6,100, Pairing: Harry Potter/Luna Lovegood

My Thoughts: This might genuinely be the best chapter of Lunar Calendar yet. It does a fantastic job exploring a wide variety of emotions, transitioning between them in an effective way, and caps it off with an absolutely wonderful romance moment. So….I’ll just go through a few of the chapter highlights, I suppose. The scene with the menagerie at the beginning is a really nice character building moment within the story. It’s not often that an author takes the time to examine what a truly angry Luna Lovegood would look like, and I think Ubiq does a great job exploring that. It’s really easy to understand where she’s coming from and agree with her, and her buying, like, 30 portkeys and using them to free all the animals is a very her solution to the problem. Next up, we have the scene in the bookshop, which is just….adorable fluff. I’m a simple guy, and sometimes I just want to read insanely well written fluff, and this is that, and it’s amazing. It also sets up the ending scene, which is an automatic win. The third scene is probably the best one in the chapter, which is Luna telling the story about her name, which is just….heartbreaking. It’s some of the best writing I’ve ever seen Ubiq do, and it is insanely impressive. Finally, Lunar Calendar’s “official romance” is kicked off at the end of this chapter, and it is everything I was hoping this fic would be when I started it and more. It’s super sweet and adorable, as well as packing a fairly effective emotional punch, and it’s all around amazing. This chapter was fucking fantastic, I loved it, and I am insanely excited for the next one.

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