New Spice

By VonPelt

Status: Complete, Word Count: 7,700, Pairing: Harry Potter/Padma Patil, Genre: Romance/Humour

Author’s Summary: A balcony under the stars, the big ball everyone wanted to attend, a marble balustrade in front of a magical forest, the moon shining brightly – Harry realised that it sounded straight from a fairytale. At least there were no carriages which would turn into a pumpkin at midnight.

My Thoughts: New Spice is a great, rare pairing oneshot that’s fluffy, heartwarming, cute, and just an all around good time. It contains a bit of smut in the middle, so if that bothers you or something then maybe this one isn’t for you, but it is rather well written, and it’s surrounded by other cute stuff as well. This won’t blow your mind. It probably won’t even be the most memorable thing you ever read, but it absolutely will make you think to yourself “that was cute, I’m glad I read that”. It’s also 7,000 words long, which is just long enough for the romance to be flushed out, but also doesn’t overstay it’s welcome. Give this fic a shot! You won’t be disappointed.

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