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Now I know what you all are thinking. Yes, this website has been billed as a fanfiction review site, and reviewing some actual books was already pushing it. And I get that, I do, but on the other hand, this is my website, I’ll do whatever the hell I want with it. Welcome to the directory for reviews of anything that isn’t a book. This might mean a movie, it might mean a TV Show, perhaps an album or a song every once in a while, or pretty much anything else that is reviewable. So……yeah, I hope you continue to enjoy my reviews, and I hope I’m able to provide to you some good non-literature recs.

A Disclaimer for my Movie Reviews: My scores should not ever be directly compared to each other, because I look for different things in different types of movies. For example, I might give a documentary and an action thriller a 10/10. This does not mean that I think they are equal movies, but it means that they both completely succeed within their own genre. To get an idea of how different films with similar scores rank against each other, look at the actual body of the review, not the numerical score.

In the Heights – Movie Review
The Suicide SquadMovie Review
Just Mercy – Movie Review
The Conjuring – Movie Review
Ready or Not – Movie Review
Annabelle – Movie Review
Enchanted – Movie Review
Mercury — Act 1 – Album Review
Speak Now – Album Review
Tick, Tick…Boom – Movie Review
West Side Story (2021)Movie Review
The Conjuring 2 & Annabelle: Creation – Double Movie Review
The Bourne Identity – Movie Review
His Dark Materials Series 1 – TV Review
Nightmare Time Season 2: Honey Queen – Episode Review
A Silent VoiceMovie Review

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Occasionally, I’ll remaster a review, polish it up, add and/or remove some content, and repost it. Those will be linked down below.

In the Heights – Remastered Review
West Side Story (2021)Remastered Review

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