Pairing Oneshots

By Leyrann

Status: Work In Progress, Word Count: 30,600, Pairing: Different Every Chapter, Genre: Romance

Author’s Summary: A collection of oneshots that each focus on a different Harry Potter pairing that sees no or little love from the community. Includes both single and multi pairings. Some pairings will include genderswaps. Some pairings may be fem!slash, but there will be no slash. There will also be no lemons.

My Thoughts: Since each chapter of Pairing Oneshots is its own story, I’ll review each one separately

Chapter I: Harry/Bellatrix/Narcissa/Andromeda
As multi oneshots go, I quite like this chapter. I think it does a really great job characterizing each sister in a unique, interesting way, and their interactions with Harry are really fun to read. I’d say that I personally think Bellatrix is probably the most interesting of the three, and she has an excellent scene where she yells at Dumbledore for not teaching Harry about politics. Although, to be clear, this isn’t really Dumbledore bashing. It’s just Bellatrix disagreeing with his decisions. Overall, Leyrann writes a fairly compelling romance here, and although I don’t revisit it as often as the other currently written chapter, I still like it quite a bit.

Chapter II: Iris (fem!Harry) Potter/Lyra (fem!Draco) Malfoy
Boy oh boy, I had incredibly low expectations going into this one, but it’s absolutely amazing! I never thought I’d ever say I enjoyed a Drarry oneshot, much less one where both characters are gender bent, but I thought this was absolutely excellent. Now, I do have to say that Lyra is essentially an Original Character, because she’s nothing like how Draco is in canon, but that’s honestly fine. The premise of this fic is that Lyra and Iris meet in Diagon Alley, Lyra says, like “I’m embarrassed by my family’s politics”, and she and Iris become friends. However, they know that they’ll both get in trouble if they’re caught associating, so they decide to pretend to be enemies in public, while being friends behind closed doors. As a premise, I think this is absolutely brilliant, but the execution is even better! Malfoy is characterized extremely well, both when she’s pretending to be a total prick, and when she has genuine moments with Iris, and speaking of Iris, she’s also incredibly fun to read. Their friendship turned romance is also very believable, and it was incredibly satisfying to read. I was just…so blown away by this oneshot, and I highly recommend giving it a shot, even if you’re not a fan of Drarry, femslash, or both. It will surprise you.

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