Protection From Nargles

By Arpad Hrunta

Status: Complete, Word Count: 57,500, Pairing: Harry Potter/Luna Lovegood, Genre: Romance

Author’s Summary: Harry and Luna meet in the Room of Requirement. Mistletoe appears. Will Nargles be a problem? Takes place in during Harry’s fifth year, as he and Luna get closer. Basically pure fluff, largely consisting of conversations.

My Thoughts: Protection From Nargles is an absolutely adorable story. The romance is really sweet and well done, Harry and Luna both have absolutely fantastic characterization, and nothing else really matters. This is a feel good story. It’s single purpose for existing is to make you go “Awww, that’s adorable” and it does that really, really well. This story will never be able to measure up to the insane visions of authors like ACI100, Saliient91, or The Sinister Man, but it’s an incredibly well-written, feel good romance that I absolutely recommend giving a shot. It’s also fairly short, so if it’s not your thing you won’t have wasted too much time.

Thoughts on Sequel:

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