Python Bivittatus, Amare: A Beta’s Retrospective

Fic written by 1Valor1

Status: Complete, Word Count: 2,200, Pairing: Harry Potter/Millicent Bulstrode, Genre: Romance

Read the Fic Here:

Author’s Summary: On his way back from supplementary potions lessons Harry hears muffled sobbing and goes to investigate, comfort ensues.

My Thoughts: Python Bivittatus, Amare is basically what I consider to be pairing oneshot junk food, and I mean that as an absolute compliment. This fic exists so that fans of the Harry/Millicent pairing can read it, go “wow, that was cute and fun” and then move onto another story. And I think it works quite well for what it is. I had a lot of fun editing this one. It was the second (and last) Valor oneshot that I did any work on, and its length and tone made it so that going through and tweaking a few word choices here made for a very pleasant forty five minutes, and I think the result will please pretty much anyone who’s a fan of short pairing oneshots. Is the concept a bit silly, sure. Is everything in it a bit underdeveloped? Absolutely. But it absolutely works for what it is, and I’d honestly never fault an author who sets out to write a bunch of pairing oneshots for making a solid, fluffy pairing oneshot. This fic certainly didn’t change my life in any way, but I spent a very pleasant 45 minutes editing it, and sometimes that’s all you really need.

Written on 08/14/2021

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