Raiding Finished, Fun Beginning: A Beta’s Retrospective

Fic written by 1Valor1

Status: Complete, Word Count: 4,100, Pairing: Harry Potter/Fem!Voldemort, Genre: Romance

Read the Fic Here:

Author’s Summary: Harry and Elaine (FemVoldemort) return from a raid, fun ensues.

My Thoughts: Raiding Finished, Fun Beginning is actually a really interesting oneshot. Probably the most interesting one that Valor’s ever written. It basically asks the question “what does the home life look like for the two leaders of a violent terrorist movement?” and I think that’s something legitimately interesting to explore. The whole fic is very fluffy, as I’ve come to expect from Valor, but it also has these very interesting sinister undertones going on throughout. It frames itself as maybe some sort of alternate future for Valor’s main fic, The Power of Love, even though it’s confirmed to not be canon to the main story, and I just thought it was really interesting. Beyond that, it was also cute and goofy and fluffy, which provided a neat contrast. I found this oneshot to be really interesting, and I read it three times when I was editing it, because I wanted to really absorb what was going on in it, and that’s rare for a oneshot. Valor did an absolutely fantastic job with this one, and I enjoyed editing it quite a bit.

Written on 08/14/2021

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