By PuzzleSB

Status: Complete, Word Count: 67,200, Pairing: None, Genre: Adventure

Author’s Summary: The year is 1943. The Chamber lies unopened and Grindlewald roams unchecked. Neither Tom Riddle nor Albus Dumbledore is satisfied with the situation. Luckily when Hogwarts is attacked they’ll both have other things to worry about.

My Thoughts: Realignment is an absolutely fantastic Tom Riddle character study. It sets him in a position where someone wants to kill him, and only Dumbledore can protect him, and then we get to watch him learn a few things and change. Now, easily the best part about this is how the change progresses. It’s incredibly subtle, and the fic doesn’t end with Tom Riddle being a radically changed person. It just ends with him changed barely enough that he might not go on to become Lord Voldemort. However, it did leave me convinced that he would not become nearly as cruel as he was in Harry’s original timeline, and that’s honestly enough for me. This fic does have problems though, namely the pacing and the grammar, and those two things drag it down a fair bit. Still, it’s an absolutely fascinating Tom Riddle fic, and I’d highly recommend checking it out.

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