Regulus, The Lion Star

By Fezzik37

Status: Complete, Word Count: 290, Pairing: None

Author’s Summary: He was the perfect son. It wasn’t enough. Or, in which the soul is sacrosanct and Regulus Black is tired of living in the shadow of his name.

My Thoughts: Regulus, The Lion Star is an excellent, short dramatization of a canon scene that we hear a lot about, but never see. It focus’ on Regulus Black’s last day alive as he discovers Voldemort’s horcruxes and dies trying to destroy one. It’s a rather moving short story, and I’m a big fan of how Fezzik focuses on the interesting paradox of the perfect, Slytherin son of Black dying in a Gryffindorish blaze of glory and self sacrifice. It’s very well done, and I highly recommend checking it out. Also, it’s less than 300 words long, so you don’t have an excuse not to.

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