Riddle of the Ages

By Leyrann

Status: Work In Progress: Word Count: 55,900, Pairing: Unknown, Genre: Adventure

Author’s Summary: At the age of seven, Harry Potter meets the new neighbors, including twin sisters his age. When he introduces himself, they recognize his name. Four years later, a very different Harry Potter takes the train to Hogwarts. See AN for more detailed information. AU.

My Thoughts: Riddle of the Ages has been incredibly intriguing so far. This story’s largest strength is easily the many different mysteries and questions that Leyrann raises so far. I think that, as this fic starts paying off and answering some of these questions, it’ll get really good. I’m also a huge fan of the way both Delphini and Tomasha are written. I also think that Dumbledore’s motivations so far have been interesting and different, even if I’m still not a huge fan of antagonist Dumbledore. I’d encourage you to give this fic a try, although I have a feeling my endorsement will strengthen as this story continues to be written.

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