Satisfied Mind

By Korpswoman of Krieg

Status: Complete, Word Count: 39,900, Pairing: Harry Potter/Luna Lovegood, Genre: Romance/Angst

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My Thoughts:
Characterization: I think the characterization works really well here. While Luna’s written in a way that’s rather different than how she’s written in canon, I think it’s a fairly reasonable departure that works well in the context of the fic. Her depression and general post-war mental state is handled really tastefully, and the little arc she goes through is incredibly wholesome and gratifying to read about. This fic has some very dark moments for both her and Harry, and I think the author does a great job balancing that darkness by giving both Harry and Luna a lot of very charming character quirks. Luna’s giddy excitement at the prospect of spending time with Harry, Harry’s overall awkwardness, etc. It’s really very charming, and leads to a wonderful balance between emotional scenes and fluff. I also think Harry’s written very well. His PTSD and depression are really well handled, and I think that his relationship with Luna is mostly very well realized, even if there are a few things I wish were done differently, but I’ll get to those. This fic is very much driven by emotions, and those emotions are driven by the characters, and I’d be doing a disservice to this fic’s writing if I called the characterization anything other than fucking fantastic.

Romance: There are parts of the romance in this fic that I really like, but there are also some things that I’m not a big fan of. So in a vacuum, every individual scene between Harry and Luna is perfect, and adorable, and an absolute joy to read. However, I think that their romance progresses a little bit too fast for me. I can’t even really point out any specific scenes that don’t work for me, it’s more the way they are all stitched together that doesn’t work for me. I think the fic would have probably benefited from either being a bit longer, or just featuring a few time skips here and there. However, I really like the actual scenes. Luna and Harry play off each other really well, and there’s a fantastic balance between heartwarming, adorable shit and fantastic, well executed, tasteful emotional scenes. Besides the rather whack pacing, I think this fic’s romance is absolutely brilliant.

Dialogue: I think the dialogue in this fic is mostly great. It’s often used very effectively to help support either the emotional, depressing scenes or the adorable, fluffy scenes, and when it’s used in that context it works really well. All the characters have very unique speech patterns, and it’s just generally very good dialogue. However, there are also a few scenes that feel a little bit stiff and awkward, specifically the two scenes that heavily imply smut. They’re not bad exactly, but I definitely felt like the dialogue was noticeably stiffer in those scenes than it was in the rest of the fic. Doesn’t ruin the scenes or anything, but it’s definitely enough to bump this section from fantastic down to the great range.

Plot: I’ve already kind of alluded to this, but I really like this fic’s plot, except for the kinda whack pacing. The romance bits work, the emotional, heavy, healing bits work, and everything works individually, but when it comes together, it always feels as though something is off. Everything’s always either moving a bit too fast or a bit too slow, and it takes a lot of this fic’s impact away. So….yeah, the plot’s also great.

Writing Mechanics: This fic’s mechanically dicey. There are some chapters where there aren’t any flaws at all, and there are others where there are quite a few grammatical and structural mistakes. Now, I’ve never been one to get too worked up over mistakes unless they’re egregious, but these errors are undeniably there, and they’re a bit more plentiful than I’m used to, but on the other hand, as I’ve repeatedly said, who gives a shit? I talk about the mechanics because I feel like it’s necessary, but unless the fic’s actually unreadable, small errors and shit don’t really bug me all that much.

Overall: I really enjoyed this fic! It was honestly great, and I’m incredibly thankful to BlackPhoenix for telling me to read it. It honestly has some of the best Luna scenes I’ve ever read in a fic before. Also, and this isn’t really important, but making Luna Irish is a really interesting idea that I liked quite a lot. I also just cannot overstate how great the romance in this fic is. It honestly made me tear up a few times, which is really saying something. Unfortunately, it’s also held back a fair deal by it’s mechanical errors and pacing issues. Nevertheless, I think it’s still worth your time, and I think the Great Tier is a wonderful spot for it.

Final Thoughts: If you like excellent romance that has an intelligent understanding of feelings, then this fic’s for you. If you like Luna stories, then this fic’s for you. If you like Harry/Luna, then this fic is a must read.

Tier: Great Tier

Written on 05/20/2021

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