Sirius, The Dog Star

By Fezzik37

Status: Complete, Word Count: 381, Pairing: None

Author’s Summary: He tried to be responsible. He really did. He never did live up to their expectations. Or, in which Sirius is as reckless and impulsive as the star he’s named after.

My Thoughts: Sirius, The Dog Star is one of two oneshots written by Fezzik that focus on Sirius & Regulus. Just like its companion, I really like this fic. This story is a short but sweet dramatization of Sirius’ thought process that starts right after he arrives at Godric’s Hollow and ends when he is detained by the aurors later in the day. It does an excellent job getting in the head of canon Sirius and explaining his actions during that day. I really like it, and I highly recommend checking it out, and seeing as how it’s only 400 words long, you have no excuse not to. Go on, the link is right there! Read it!

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