The Advantages of Being Sane

By Leyrann

Status: Complete, Word Count: 96,500, Pairing: Harry Potter/Tess Riddle, Genre: Romance/Humour

Author’s Summary: When Harry and Cedric grab the Cup, they are transported to a graveyard, where Harry witnesses the resurrection of Lady Voldemort… who isn’t quite what he’d expected. For one, she isn’t trying to kill him. For another, she doesn’t seem to like the Death Eaters either. Harry/fem!Voldemort.

My Thoughts: The Advantages of Being Sane is a really fun, really unique story. Right out of the gate, I’m a huge fan of the idea. A lot of people have used the idea of Horcruxes driving people insane, but the idea of being hit with the killing curse negating those effects is really cool and interesting. I also really like the way this story is written. I’ve always found Leyrann’s writing style to be very enjoyable, and this fic is absolutely steeped in it. I also really like the way Tess is written, and although Harry’s characterization is less important here than Tess’s, it is also very well done. Now, I do have a couple issues with it here and there, mainly the fact that this story is a bit too easy. Everything falls into place way too nicely, and there’s little in the way of character conflict after, like, chapter 5 or so. I know for a fact that Leyrann actually agrees with this criticism, and I feel confident in saying that if he ever gets around to rewriting this fic I’m sure this issue will go away. While I think it’s true that, in a more serious story, the romance would move a bit too fast, this story has the tone of a fluff fic, and I think the way the romance is written fits this story’s tone very well. So overall, I really, really like this story, and I’d recommend giving it a try!

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