The Guarder Snake Chapter IV

By 1Valor1

Word Count: 15,149, Pairing: Harry Potter/Cora Avery

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My Thoughts: This chapter was really good! The characterization here was very strong throughout, and I thought the dialogue flowed better than average. While Cora honestly fell a bit into the background here, this allowed some of the side characters to absolutely shine. Stuart Foxglove is very present in this chapter, and his character is actually memorable for once, which is a nice change of pace compared to the previous three. Also, Cora’s friend Clara gets some time to be a character, and her dynamic with Harry is quite fun. In general, Harry’s role in this story seems to be to just be everyone’s idiot younger brother, and I’m very on board with this choice. It leads to several adorable character moments, and , overall, this is what makes the chapter good. In particular, I’d like to highlight when Stuart’s friends and Cora’s friends come together to protect Harry from the rest of the school after he’s revealed to be a parselmouth, because it does a really nice job conveying how important Harry is to both Stuart and Cora and it’s just very touching. Also, the scene in Dumbledore’s office was quite neat. The scene on Christmas Day was also alright, even if it did, in my opinion, drag a tad here and there. So overall, the characterization is quite good. Unfortunately, the plot is still not very interesting to me. It feels like the story’s still just abridged canon with cute interludes and while that’s fine, I guess, it’s not the most interesting plot out there. The mechanics are, overall, above average. Luckily, stories with good characters don’t necessarily need insanely strong plots to be good, and I still enjoyed reading this chapter, but it worries me that this fic is going to go through all seven years, especially because Cora will graduate fairly soon. So….overall, I liked this chapter, I’d check it out if you like fluff.

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