The Guarder Snake Chapters I & II

By 1Valor1

Word Count: 13,000, Pairing: None Yet, sets up Harry Potter/Cora Avery, Genre: Romance/Adventure

Read the Fic Here:

My Thoughts: I’ll openly admit that I’m not too familiar with Valor’s work yet. I read his Delphini oneshot and I thought it was pretty good, and I’ve interacted with him on Discord a bit, but I haven’t really seen any of his long form stories yet. With that being said, I was fairly impressed with The Guarder Snake. If I were to place it in a tier right now, it’d probably be a solid entry in the Great Tier. I was a huge fan of the way Harry was written. I think an outgoing, sociable, desperate to make friends Harry makes a shit ton of sense, and in some ways, I prefer this version of Harry to the mopey, paranoid version that pops up in so many fics. I also really liked Cora’s character, and I thought her interactions with Harry so far were really sweet. The writing is also sound, which is nice. There are no grammar or spelling errors, and I always appreciate that. I was very impressed with the dialogue, as I often find that’s the biggest flaw in a lot of the fics I like, and that’s not the case here at all. Not only does Harry talk like an actual eleven year old (thank God), he talks like an actual, cute eleven year old. I don’t know what demon Valor had to sign his soul away to to pull this off, but…honestly, dialogue this good is probably worth his soul anyway if I’m being honest. Overall, I’d say that this fic’s biggest flaw is its length. It’s just a tad too long for my taste. I feel like cutting one of his meetings with Cora might have been a good idea, as it gets a tad redundant near the beginning. Either way, it’s an excellent start. Thank you so much Luq707 for ordering me to read this fic, as I had a great time with it. Valor, if you’re reading this, excellent work! I eagerly await the next update.

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