The Historical Importance of Runic War Warding in the Wizarding British Isles

By Samvelg

Status: On Long-Term Hiatus, Word Count: 169,900, Pairing: Female Harry Potter/Lord Voldemort

Author’s Summary: After losing Sirius at the Department of Mysteries Harry is left abandoned, lost and alone with her uncaring relatives for the summer. She somehow finds herself sharing dreams with Lord Voldemort who quickly discovers that she is his horcrux, changing the terms of the game between them forever. Because not only is she a part of himself that he is now determined to reclaim, but thanks to the terms outlined in a centuries old will she is also the key to him claiming his birthright and conquering Magical Britain once and for all. And nothing is as seductive to the abandoned as someone who truly wants them.

My Thoughts: The Historical Importance of Runic War Warding in the Wizarding British Isles is really, really great! This story’s heart and soul is the relationship between Harry and Voldemort, which is not only incredibly entertaining to watch develop, but is also believable based on the context of the story. This story doesn’t neuter Voldemort’s character at all. He is, undoubtedly, a ruthless, psychopathic killer, and the author a fantastic job setting up a set of plausible circumstances that lead to his romance with Harry. That’s not to say he doesn’t have reasons for doing what he’s doing, but he does believe (somewhat) in blood purity, and he does want to commit genocide. Besides the excellent characterization, this story has an absolutely fantastic sense of humour that I never tire of experiencing. Although this story has been on hiatus for over a year now, the author claims that he’ll return at some point, this story will remain in the abandoned fic museum until the day the author returns to it.

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