The Lion Tamer

By James Spookie

Status: Complete, Word Count: 142,600, Pairing: Harry Potter/Daphne Greengrass

Author’s Summary: First in the Lion’s Trilogy. Daphne likes Harry, and decides she wants to get to know him. Harry is receptive to her advances. Little do they know of how their blossoming relationship will change the course of fate.

My Thoughts: The Lion Tamer is a solid opening to the trilogy. The romance is decent, the Voldemort story works fairly well, and Harry’s dynamic with his friends is cute. Harry and Daphne have really good characterizations, and I like the way their romance stories works. However, this fic also has a lot of dumb shit in it. There’s multiple plot points that involve love potions and hate potions, and that makes me very sad. There are actually two back to back story arcs that involve first Harry, and then Daphne, being potioned to hate the other person. There’s also a bit too much Ron bashing in this fic, but I mostly forgive it because he has a really powerful redemption arc at the end. Overall, this fic is the equivalent of a summer blockbuster action movie. It’s a ton of fun, but I will never revisit it and it has a lot of flaws. Check it out if you like decent romance.

Thoughts on Book II:

Thoughts on the Trilogy:

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