The Lion’s Roar

By James Spookie

Status: Complete, Word Count: 92,800, Pairing: Harry Potter/Daphne Greengrass

Author’s Summary: The final in the Lion’s Trilogy. Dumbledore has died and left Harry one final task. With Daphne, Hermione and Neville at his side, Harry intends to end the war started the night his parents were killed.

My Thoughts: The Lion’s Roar is at the exact same level of quality as the other ones. It’s also perfectly adequate entertainment. Same issues as the other two, same positives as the other two. If you liked the other two, you’re guaranteed to like this one. If you didn’t, then feel free to skip it. I will say that this one has the coolest action sequences out of all of them. That’s fun. It’s also the edgiest, which is less fun.

Thoughts on Book II:

Thoughts on the Trilogy:

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