The Pureblood Princess

By The Endless 7

Status: Complete, Word Count: 214,800, Pairing: Harry Potter/Daphne Greengrass, Genre: Romance

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Author’s Summary: Daphne Greengrass always had a plan. She liked being organized. But the Dark Lord’s return at the end of her fifth year derailed everything, and now she must decide who will best help her find the life she always wanted.

My Thoughts:
Characterization: As this is a TE7 story, no one should be at all surprised to hear that this fic’s characterization is absolutely top notch. In fact, this fic might have my favorite version of Daphne ever. I much prefer TE7’s interpretation of her character to the typical ice queen bullshit, and I think hearing her take on the events of the Harry Potter canon is really, really funny at times. I just generally like how little of a fuck she gives about anything, and I think the opening chapters, which are set in the summer before sixth year, are some of the strongest in the fic. Just reading about Daphne existing in the Muggle world, interacting with her parents and sister, and chilling at a local swimming pool is so incredibly entertaining, and it does wonders for her character development. Starting this fic at the end of year five was a brilliant choice, and spending as long as he did on that particular summer was an absolutely brilliant way to quickly give Daphne some much needed character development. Speaking of Daphne, telling this story from her perspective and in first person was a rather gutsy move, and I think it works really well. I know not everyone likes it, but I can’t really imagine this story working the way it does if told in any other way. Alright so Daphne’s great. That’s the hard part, and TE7 nailed it. So…how’s Harry? Well, he’s about eighty five percent amazing, but boy oh boy does that last fifteen percent fucking suck! In fact, I’d say that Harry’s fantastic all through the main story, and it’s just when we hit that bonus alternate Epilogue that things get a bit messy. So let’s start with the good bits, cause there’s a fair amount to talk about. First of all, this Harry is one of the most consistently written characters I’ve ever seen in a fanfic. He makes some dumb as shit choices here and there, and it’s completely believable and works really well, because it’s very much in line with who he is and how he’s written. The main one that everyone likes to talk about is the scene at Slughorn’s party when he abandons Daphne in order to chase after Draco and Snape, and here’s the thing about that. I understand wanting to see your favorite characters get together, but come the fuck on! Chasing after Draco and Snape is the most Harry decision imaginable and if he didn’t do that then the fic would be worse because of it. Actually, now that I mention that I feel like I need to address the other controversial part of that scene which is when Daphne almost fucks that Quidditch player guy after Harry abandons her, and I have a few things to say in defense of that. First of all, she’d already had a couple of drinks that night, and she continues to drink as she spends time with the guy, so her judgement was a tad impaired. Second of all, Daphne’s characterized as a petty, spiteful, kind of bitchy person in this fic and doing that is exactly the thing she’d do, even if she was sober, and third of all, she doesn’t even fuck the guy in the end, so stop complaining about it, the scene works. Anyway, back to Harry. I think that his arc in this fic is really interesting, and I think seeing it from Daphne’s perspective makes it even better. However, I do need to mention something very important, and that is the chapter twenty Epilogue that is told from Harry’s point of view, because Jesus motherfucking Christ it’s so bad! It feels like fucking RobSt or Sinyk hijacked TE7’s account and wrote a pile of dogshit, it’s just….it’s so bad. It plays into every awful Harry vs. Voldemort confrontation trope that you’ve ever heard of, the jokes fall flat, and everything except the last three paragraphs is a worthless pile of shit that doesn’t deserve to exist. I hate it, I hate it, I fucking hate it, and it’s honestly bad enough that I’m bumping this section’s rightful fantastic verdict down to a pretty good, because fuck that Epilogue and everything it stands for. Not the real Epilogue that features Daphne playing D&D, just the bonus one from Harry’s pov.

Romance: The romance in this story is fantastic from beginning to end. It’s a slow build that progresses naturally and it all works really well. Every Harry and Daphne interaction is an absolute delight to read, and this fic does a fantastic job chronicling the ups and downs of their relationship. It’s really good that this is the case, because this is a romance fic and if the romance didn’t work then the whole fic would fall apart. Luckily, the shitty Harry pov Epilogue doesn’t really deal with the romance all that much, so this section won’t lose buckets of points for it. Just…take every nice thing I said in the characterization section, and apply it here. It all works insanely well, and the ending and Epilogue both make it even better.

Dialogue: The dialogue in this fic is mostly great! It’s another one of TE7’s strengths, and…yeah, every interaction between Harry and Daphne works because of how great the dialogue is. If it wasn’t for the dialogue then this fic would not be nearly as good as it is. It flows really well, Daphne and Harry speak in very, very different ways, and it’s entertaining as hell to read about. Unfortunately, this section also falls victim to what I am going to call “shitty second Epilogue syndrome” because holy fucking shit, the dialogue in that chapter is so bad. According to the author’s note he only wrote this chapter because he lost a bet, and….yeah it really, really shows. Ugh, the dialogue is so fucking cringe in that chapter, and….gods it’s just awful. But….the rest of the dialogue is really good, so….I can’t knock this section too much.

Plot: This fic’s plot is really great! I kind of already mentioned why in the characterization section, but to recap, it’s a plot that is driven by the characters, and is pushed forward primarily by character development. Or…this is the case until closer to the end when there are a few brief bursts of action that all work pretty well. Oh and there’s also the ending. Holy fucking shit, this fic’s ending is amazing! I praise Limpieza de Sangre for it’s ending a lot, but I honestly think this fic’s ending outshines LdS’s in pretty much every way that counts. It’s an emotional gut-punch, it’s a tad ambiguous, and it honestly leaves things pretty open ended. Hell, the first Epilogue also leaves things a tad ambiguous, and is one of my favorite Epilogue’s of all time. Unfortunately, TE7 lost a motherfucking bet and had to write dogshit or something like that, so this fic’s plot is once again held back by that damnable second Epilogue, which removes all the ambiguity from the story, has one of the worst Voldemort confrontations of all time, and generally exists to be bad and cringe. So I’m docking two points for that, because fuck that shit.

Writing Mechanics: Yeah this fic is very mechanically sound. There’s nothing to really complain about here, because not only is TE7 a very talented author, but he also has a very talented beta, and between the two of them they catch all the normal shit that would fall through the cracks. You know the drill at this point, the words are all spelled correctly, the sentence structure is accurate, and the fic’s grammatically correct. It’s not even that much worse in the second Epilogue. I mean it is worse, but it’s not that much worse, and of course it is, because not only is everything about the Epilogue shit, but it also wasn’t beta’d, and fuck mechanics anyway.

Overall: Pureblood Princess is one of the best Haphne stories out there. Like all of The Endless 7’s stories, the characterization is absolutely fucking phenomenal, and the arc that Daphne goes through in this fic is really fun to read. Speaking of Daphne, this story is told from her point of view, and it’s awesome! She’s such an asshole at the beginning of the story, and watching her grow and change is made even more satisfying when we can see it all from her point of view. Harry is also characterized extremely well. What I specifically like about him is that there are several points throughout the story that involves him making incredibly stupid decisions, but those decisions are completely believable because of the consistency in the way he’s written. This story also has a rather ambiguous ending, and I honestly still haven’t figured out exactly what happened. I mean, I have several ideas, but I’m not really confident in any of my theories, and I think this is cool. Too many stories end with an Epilogue that ties everything together in a neat little bow, and yes I am including the canon Harry Potter books, and it’s awesome that TE7 decided to not do that here. Unfortunately, this fic’s second Epilogue basically shits on everything I just mentioned here, and is generally a worthless piece of shit that isn’t worth your time, and…yeah this fic lost a lot of points for that shit, but…come on it’s the last thing anyone’s going to read before putting down the fic and it’s just so fucking bad! TE7, you’re a brilliant author and you’ve spent ten years defining this fandom, but I have one very important thing to say to you: stop making bets that impact your writing, you dumb fuck!

Final Thoughts: So the thing is, that I still think this is the best Haphne fic ever written. Even though my final score won’t reflect that, you can very easily just not read the second Epilogue and have an absolutely fantastic time with the fic. Unfortunately, I’m a reviewer and I have to review every chapter of the fic, so I have to talk about it and factor it into my score, but I can then also say that this fic is one of the best romance stories in the HP fandom, it’s easily the best Haphne fic ever written (except for maybe Ice Cream but that’s a oneshot anyway so it only half counts,) and it’s just a generally fantastic read. However, that second epilogue can go fuck itself on a pointy stick, and is the sole reason that this fic is stuck in the Great Tier instead of in the high up top tier where it belongs.

Tier: Great Tier

Written on 05/20/2021

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