The Saviour’s Pariah Chapters I – III

By 1Valor1

Word Count: 18,100, Pairing: None Yet, Harry/Delphini Endgame

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My Thoughts: Valor once again finds himself solidly within the good tier for this one. The opening chapters of The Saviour’s Pariah really have a lot of cool things going on. In particular, the interactions between Harry, Daphne, and Tracey are absolutely delightful. In fact, I think this version of Tracey is one of the better versions I’ve seen in the fandom. Her characterization is really cute, and she’s an absolute joy to read about. I also, (surprise surprise) like Luna’s character as well. While this version of her doesn’t blow me away like certain fics, it also avoids all of the bullshit tropes that I hate, so major points for that. I think Neville’s pretty descent as well. I’m still a bit mixed on this version of Harry, but he’s growing on me. Overall, I think chapter three is far superior to the first two in pretty much every way, but it also still has some stuff I’m not a fan of, so let’s get into that. This fic’s biggest issue so far is a lack of forward momentum. I understand wanting to write a character-driven fic, but I also feel like there are plenty of ways to go about that and make it interesting, and this isn’t it. These three chapters are over 18,000 words long, and….I’ll be honest, a strong argument could be made that this could have been turned into a single excellent 10,000 word chapter if some of the fat had been trimmed. Now, I probably wouldn’t go that far, but…some of this should have been left out. The first two chapters have way too many meandering interactions that feel like they’re just kinda pointless. I also think Delphini should have been given more time for character interactions. I know from the info that this fic is going to be a Harry/Delphini pairing, yet, three chapters in, I hardly even know who Delphini is as a character. I’m sorry, I’m coming off a bit harsh here, so I’ll also say that this easily the best execution of the “8th year Hogwarts” trope that I’ve ever seen. I can’t say I’m 100% sold on it yet, but I don’t hate it and I can see it working for this fic, so that’s a huge plus. To close things out, I’m not a huge fan of this fic’s writing style, and there are a fair number of little mechanical errors in the first two chapters. Not a big deal, but just something that needs mentioning, I suppose. So to recap, Daphne and Tracey are great, Harry works, and the trope execution is top notch. Unfortunately, the pacing’s a bit slow, I feel like Delphini’s been underdeveloped so far, and I’m not sold on the writing style yet. These chapters kinda embody mid tier Good Tier for me. It’s undoubtedly good, like, I had a good time with it, and I’ll definitely continue reading it as it updates, but there are also a good number of things that frustrate me about it as well.

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